Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kikipop Diner Doll Review: Cream Soda (English) (with video)

Today I'm reviewing Kikipop KP Dinner Cream Soda. The one with the blue hair.
This little Kiki is the last one I had to open in this series. She is the one with the blue hair and the pink eyes and outfit.
I think she is freaking adorable and she is probably my favorite of the three.
She has this wonderful wig with the blue hair on the top all around and the white hair underneath that appear when you move her hair. She comes with the two extra pigtails, a waitress hat, two little pink bows, a pink and white dress, a blue apron, wrist warmers, with socks and blue shoes with heals.
I love her hair and her spectacular pink eyes.

Here is the video

You can find the reviews of her little friends here:
Pink Soda Cream, Cherry Pie.
As well as meet them at the Kikipop event:
Summary, Full Vlog version.

And here are some pictures


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Spookathon 2017 (Participation Announcement!) #spookathon

Here is my video to announce my participation to #spookathon 2017.
So here are some of the "rules" and link that I got from BooksandLala Spookathon video.

Spookathon links 2017
The organisers:

Spookathon dates
October 16 - 22, 2017

Spookathon challenges
1. read a thriller
2. read a book with a spooky word in the title
3. read a book based on a childhood fear
4. read a book with orange on the cover
5. read a book that has a spooky setting

My list of Spookathon books for this year.
1) Nightmare realisation
2) Doctor Sleep
3) The girl in the train
4) I am number four
5) A Stranger in the House 


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The Truth about Alice by Jennifer Mathieu (Book Review) (with video)

Today, I'm reviewing The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu.
I wanted to read this book for quite some time but I was a bit afraid to actually know the Truth about Alice.
Alice Franklin is actually one of the only main character in the book who doesn't have her POV. She is talked about but never does anyone actually ask her what happened and the only time she voices it, her best friend doesn't believe her.
Her story is told through the eyes of multiple unreliable narrator who all have their own reason to propagate rumors about her. It's kind of disturbing to actually see everything unfold and to learn the truth because those characters are sort of directly talking to the reader.
I was afraid to read this book because I thought something really drastic would happen and actually, nothing drastic happens which makes it even more realistic.


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

WeWriWar 228: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.
When Demon Soul first came out, it wasn't really in it's best form. 
It is the first book of my Demon Series and the First book of The House at The Crossing cluster. I have written a lot of the other books in the series, I have about 6 so far, but I haven't gone to publishing them mostly because I wasn't happy with the quality of Demon Soul and Demon and Fairy. So I wanted to have something that look better and that I could be proud of  before getting the other books out.
I decided to redo Demon Soul with a brand new edit and a brand new cover. 
The book is almost ready and the professional cover should arrive next month so I though I could start here with a few snippet until the cover reveal and the new publishing. 


Let's start right were we left off last week

Maybe she would try again. Not for his love, but to give him his soul back. That would be the last thing she could do for him.

When Brownie first met Yue, she knew he was the love of her life. Behind his demonic manner, she had seen his soul, a beautiful purple light dancing in his grey eyes. In a few seconds, it had stolen her heart. She had worked so hard to make Yue love her; to make him believe that her love for him was beyond his demonic condition and powers; to make him believe that she could love him. No matter what!She was there when he came back from fights in the Demon World covered in blood, and she was there to bring him back when his Dark Side was devouring him. Each time his purple soul was dancing in his grey eyes and each time he came back for her.

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