Thursday, October 27, 2016

Special Halloween Doll Review: Taeyang Valko (with video)

I realised that Valko was the only doll from the mansion of immortal I have who didn't have his own review video.
I got him some time ago when I was still only doing box opening pictures and photo session on facebook.
He is part of the mansion of Immortal with Pullip Wilhelmenia, Isul Vermelho and Dal Lyla. He is the werewolf of the group which is why he has those furry hair and fur on his back, a long tail and the scare on his nose. I wonder if he actually became a werewolf because of this scare.
His name Valko is derived from the Bulgarian вълк (valk) which means wolf.

This quote: I’m going to be strong under the white moon in the night…. See, here I am

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Dal: "Butterfly landing"
Taeyang: "Taeyang Gyro in Autumn"

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Thursday Taster 119: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
We start right where we left off last week.
I didn't wait for them to answer. I closed my door as fast as I could and collapsed on my bed. My heart was beating faster than I recalled ever have felt her beat. I was scared. "She is going into shock," the help or nurse or whoever was there had said but it is the mind or the body going into shock? I had no idea and I needed to remember to look it up. I could still feel the fire licking at my body. I pulled up my sleeves to make sure that I didn't have the black traces on my arms my other self had had. I opened my notebook and started to write down every details furiously. I had to calm down. I needed to get it out of my system.
I look at the water on my desk. I was thirsty. I didn't realise how much until know but I stop my hand on the bottle and searched for more traces of fire on my body before opening it. Of course, this body hadn't been into a fire. I had been on Amy's bed that entire time and the closest thing to fire in that room was her Tamara dragon. The thought made me laugh and finally relax. I didn't bother taking out a glass and just drunk as much water as I could without making myself sick. It had the effect of getting the last fright about the fire out of me. I also wanted a shower but I knew there was no time for that.
I looked for the buses once more. I was finally really back into this world. The transition weren't always really easy but I guess waking up from the black out at the hospital was making them easier. I needed to build something familiar around here to help myself get back with reality. I didn't want to carry everything from one world to the next, that would have been plain weird. Still as I looked for the bus to save ourself tonight I wonder what was wrong with me. Why the different worlds suddenly seemed so connected. After all, I didn't see Tamara in the other world. I didn't know that it was tonight's party were there would be something difficult happening. It could be any party, any time. I closed my eye and took a deep breath. The panic was still present. In a very insidious form. I needed to go through tonight too to completely get rid of everything. The meaning of life, the meaning of death, the meaning of my travel and the meaning of blacking out just for me. That's what I was looking for and I didn't really kow why every one else seemed to be living their life as if they didn't know that there was something more beyond. There was no meaning in partying, there was no meaning in trying to fit in or make friends. It was all just a distraction from what we really wanted and what we really needed and the search for meaning but somewhere inside of me, I wanted to be friend with Amy. Maybe, if I really saved us tonight, that would also allow me to figure out the meaning to my trips. Why I was going there and why me.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 96

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“So…” Sahel started but Azazel didn’t let him finish, he throw his fist straight in his lower jaw, where the chin is hanging.
Sahel took few steps back massaging his jaw, a bit amazed.
“Don’t fuck with me, or I’ll kill you”, Azazel said. He had never been that serious in his life, looking at him would have scared anyone around. He seemed to be ready for killing Sahel right here, right now if necessary.
But Sahel just laughed.
“Are we even now?” he said.
“I guess so”, Azazel answered smirking.
“Then let’s get moving”, Sahel said.
Azazel opened the door to the library and Sahel followed him in.
“How can you live in a place like this and know so very little about almost everything”, Azazel answered. He had always been amazed by Sahel’s lack of very basic knowledge. He lack of knowledge about the demon world was understandable as he had been living in the human world for most of his life but there was basic that were the same everywhere.
“I didn’t have much time to learn”, Sahel answered for an explanation.
Azazel was looking around, not really paying attention. The library was two floor tall as far as he could see and there were shelves on every subject he could dream of, even really rare editions.

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Special Halloween Doll Review: Taeyang Nosferatu (with video)

Taeyang Nosferatu's video wasn't supposed to be a part of this Special Halloween series but I was asked to make a review of him so here we go. Taeyang Nosferatu is the only male vampire from the Vampire series by Groove which contains Pullip Elizabeth, Pullip Carmilla, Dal Ende and Byul Lilith. He has a very different style than Isul Vermelho. First, he has long white hair giving him an older look than Vermelho. Then he has removable fang so he can pretend not to be a vampire even if his very pale skin ton and deep crimson lips betray his nature. He is dressed in a more contemporary way too reminding me more of the bad vampire in Underworld than the classy one in Interview with a vampire. I think he totally makes a great pair with my Carmilla Queen of the vampire.

I have a lot of dolls who don't have their own videos because I had them before starting this youtube adventure so I intent to review them later on. If there is a particular doll you want reviewed and I happen to have her, please feel free to ask and I'll make the review for you.

Here are some pictures.

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