Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Azone doll: Excute Otogi No Kuni Rose White Mio (Doll Show Limited) with video

Rose White Mio is an Otogi no Kuni Excute from Azone. She is the doll show 47 limited doll and I went to get her at the event.
I arrived very early to be sure not to miss her and I managed to get her very quickly.
She is in pair with Rose Red Mio which I haven't ordered yet but will probably soon get.
She is the 19th doll released for the Otogi no kuni series and I'm really happy to add her to my collection. She comes with a blue tarkan and white outfit and also has white hair with pink eyes. She also comes with a blue tarkan really cute teddy bear.

Here are some pictures

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Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 92

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
“We went to the old school, it was empty, he burned the place down, I destroyed the rest, nothing much, he just seem to be a bit, out of his body”, Azazel answered. Viorel sat Sahel on a chair, remembering long time ago, after he had regained his lost memory the state he had been in. He also had been in love with a human and he also had thought her dead.
“So at least, we know where they are not, that’s a start”, he said.
“You think so, I would say that’s bullshit and I need a shower”, Azazel answered.
“I can accompany you if you want”, Daciana answered.
Azazel was too preoccupied by Sahel to have noticed her. She was sitting in the corner on another vampire’s lap, she looked bored, like waiting for instruction from Viorel to be able to have some fun or for something interesting to happen. She looked a bit insane she was dressed way too sexy for what seemed to be her age, the vampire she was sitting on seemed to be passable annoyed by her remark. Azazel had a movement of drawing back. He was not attracted to vampire, they were cold, he needed to feel the warm of the body pressed against his.
“Where is Evalynn?” he asked looking away from the female vampire, remembering that he had decided to give himself some pleasure if he was ever getting out of the school alive.
“I haven’t seen her for a while, she probably went back”, Seti said not taking his eyes away from the screen of the numerical microscope Viorel was manipulating. “Damn girl I told her to stay here”, Azazel said angrily.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Amigurumi Tuesday: Surprise Bear

Today's bear is surprise bear. Surprise bear is the amethyst purple bear which turned out a bit reddish on the pictures. She was first a UK special before being a full scale care bear. She has light purple heart nose and foot pads and a jack-in-the-box on her belly. She isn't part of the original carebears from the carebears crochet book so I had to design the belly badge myself.

Here is the full bear.
The purple heart nose.
The jack-in-the-box on her belly.
The purple heart food pads.
Turn to the right.
Turn to the left.
Her back side.
and to finish, her red heart on her bottom.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dolly Vlog Hop Prompt #11 Hand Made Items.

This is Video number 11 of the Dolly Vlog Hop. This week, the question is:

Hand made items. What are some handmade goodies or clothes you made for your dolls? Show us.

In this video, I go through some of the stuff I made for my doll from the lil'fairies' doll house to the clothes, ears, wings and plushes I made for my pullips and azone dolls.
I'm not making doll stuff all the time but I really made a lot over the past two years. I wish I had more space to be able to create more diorama and scenes in which I could pose my dolls instead of just shelves.
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