Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Azone Doll Box Opening and Review: Spain from Hetalia, the World Twinkle (with video)

Today I have for you an azone from the character series, I think, since he is an anime character, though on the box it says Asterix Series. 
This little guy is Spain, aka Antonio Hernández Carriedo sorry I couldn't remember than on the video since I haven't watch the anime, "Hetalia, the World Twinkle". 
The reason why I have him is because I loved his face. Azone has been making the characters of Hetalia and they are all boys. I normally love Azone boys since they don't have many but I wasn't a big fan of the faces and military outfit on those. So I got Spain because I think he is really super cute. I love his green eyes.

Here is the video 

And here are some pictures


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