Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 155

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“What are you doing here?” the voice coming from a even darker and narrower passage on her left made her startle.
Sahel walked out of the darkness holding himself to the walls. Evalynn walked over to help him.
“What happened to you?”
“Long story, I should stop pretending I’m a human”, Sahel said.
She tried to help him sat on the floor.\ but he didn’t seem to be in the mood to stop.
“You mean, you did this to yourself?” she asked.
“I don’t have time to explain”, he answered.
“Take one of these”, Evalynn said taking out a black stone and handing it to him.
“I thought”, he started.
“The store is destroyed and there isn’t much of it but as a girl, I know where to find precious things”, Evalynn answered proudly. This time if they were to stay alive, that would probably be because of her.
“If you say so…” Sahel said without stopping. He hoped that the stone was going to help, his Eather powers had been vain there was really nothing to be done he had to go through it. That’s what Brownie had said every time she had been sick because of Magick. I made a mistake, I have to go through this, this is my punishment. He was just hoping that his punishment wasn’t going to get both of them dead.
“Have you seen the others?” Evalynn asked.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

WeWriWar 236: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt of DEMON SOUL for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.

Brownie is a normal girl, or so she thinks. She likes to chat with her sisters about random things, she likes fashion and she is member of the fashion club at school. But one day, as her little brother gets really sick because of a curse placed on him, she meets this really strange guy who cures him absorbing the baby's sickness within himself. As he is about to fall from his new acquired fever, Brownie sees Yue's soul and immediately falls in love with him. But Yue is not a human, Yue is a demon.
Brownie and Yue will built their love story until....

Until Yue's soul is stolen. There is nothing left of their love. The purple light dancing in Yue's grey eyes is gone. Forever? Not quite. Brownie is desperate to find it back. And to get a soul stolen by demons, she needs to go deep into dark magic! But Brownie is not a witch, she is just looking for a spell powerful enough to bring her love back. When an amateur starts playing with strong magic without preparation and without caring for the consequences, things turn wrong...

Let's start right where we left off

She tried to keep the baby away but Yue didn't listen and stroke his back again.
"Yes, mine," he answered agitating his restless wings.
A white light came out of his hand and as he spoke magic words in ancient Greek, Ayokunle's wings grew so fast that Brownie could see them change with her own eyes.
Ayokunle was fine; not crying anymore just enjoying his new wings, but Yue's wings had changed to a brownish colour and he was burning with fever. She tried to help him but he pushed her away.
"I don't need your help little girl. I'm fine. Take care of the baby," he said.
And he left as he had appeared, leaving her with a weird feeling.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

All the Vels! Azone Lil'fairy Doll, Tips and Trick. (with video)

I decided to create this series of "All the" videos for two reason. The first is to show you my complete series or group of dolls. The first video in this series is the All the Lipu video that came out a while back, you can find it here. The second reason is to help you differentiate the azone dolls from one another. I get a lot of question about doll recognition so I thought I might as well give you some tips and tricks to recognize the dolls.

Today we are looking at All The Vels!
So far there are been 6 azone lil'fairy Vel released.
The first one was the little maid, followed by the two in magic school uniform, then came the school girl and the fantasy colored little maid, and finally Vel went on holiday. I think the lil'fairy are really hard at work so they totally deserved that holiday this summer.

In this video you will see all the Vels and learn what makes them Vels and differentiate them from other lil'fairy.
I hope you'll enjoy that and look forward to more videos in this series.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Vlog #88: Tour of the Mirai Store (Smart Dolls!)

Today I have something really special for you. Something I was asked for but also something I meant to do for a while: Visit the Mirai Store!
I found out that the Mirai store was near Shinagawa (yes, not Akihabara duh!) So since I had to go to Shinagawa to get my visa paper work done, I decided to take the opportunity to stop at the Mirai store at the same time.
It was my first time at the Mirai store and it was sort of my first time seeing smart dolls from so close. I mean I saw them at doll events before but there was always to many people for me to get close to them enough to have a detail look and take good picture.
Well today was my lucky day. The Mirai Store has a lot of doll exposed in all shape, color and with different outfit and I could take as many pictures as I wanted.
I also wanted to talk to Danny Choo but I had a heavy crisis of shyness and didn't figure out how to introduce myself. I guess I was also a bit starstruck. I'll try to do better next time. (I still have to go back to pick up my visa, hehe)
I'm still not sure which Smart Doll I want (all of them? :) ). But for some reason Ikki was really interested in knowing which one I like the best... he didn't take notes though so I'm not sure what he meant by that. (Yes, he generally takes notes, then I end up with giant teddy bears...)

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoy this video. I'll have the pictures uploaded on my facebook page too so you can have a better look.
Please subscribe, I still need a few more subs for my channel to be safe!

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